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Prime Psychotherapy


Michael Gavridis

Integrative Psychotherapist

UKCP Registered.

Prime Psychotherapy
34 Brechin Place
London SW7 4QA

Phone: 020-7370-5670

Prime Psychotherapy
34 Brechin Place
London SW7 4QA
Ph: 020-7370-5670

Welcome to Prime Psychotherapy by Michael Gavridis Integrative Psychotherapist
How I Can Help
My Service offers a space dedicated to you, where issues that you bring can be attended to within a safe environment. Where matters can be voiced and explored, allowing you to experience relief, further insight, support and understanding.


Psychotherapeutic Training
My psychotherapeutic training is at the Postgraduate level with extensive clinical experience in diverse settings. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and an MA in Psychotherapy & Counselling. I am currently working at Saint Bartholomew's Hospital and have also worked over a number of years at Newham University Hospital and West London Centre for Counselling.

Clinical Experience
My clinical experience thus far has equipped me with the capacity to establish helpful and effective psychotherapeutic alliances with people presenting a range of mental health issues and concerns including addiction, anger, anxiety, depression (and its variants, including postnatal depression), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, eating disorders, abuse, trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as more complex and challenging cases of somatisation, schizophrenia and manic depression (bipolar).

I also have extensive experience from a career in the financial sector.

Initial Consultation Meeting
On our first meeting you will be able to experience, firsthand, how psychotherapy may work for you, as well as ask any questions. There is a charge for this initial meeting, but you are free to decide whether to commit to on-going sessions thereafter. If we agree to pursue with on-going sessions, the practical details of a regular time and day, the length of psychotherapy, as well as the fee will be discussed.

Practical Details
Once sessions have been agreed between us, these take place on the same day and time each week and last 50 minutes. Individuals may opt for more frequent sessions than once weekly. Generally, individuals may opt for Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy lasting up to 12 sessions with a key focus, Medium-Term Psychotherapy lasting up to 12 months, Long-Term, Open-ended Psychotherapy of longer than 1 year. To discuss the relevant fee structure, please feel free to call me on 020-7370- 5670.

Contact Details
If you are interested in experiencing psychotherapy for yourself, please feel free to either call me on phone number 020-7370-5670. Or write to me

Michael Gavridis
Prime Psychotherapy
34 Brechin Place
London SW7 4QA

The Practice is 5-7 minutes walk from the South Kensington or Gloucester Road Tube Stations.

Or e-mail me. psychotherapym@aol.com

A response will follow within a week, at the very latest, to arrange for an initial consultation meeting at a mutually convenient time.

Prime Psychotherapy ~ 34 Brechin Place London SW7 4QA ~ Telephone: 020-7370-5670